Vis Vires / Ultra Sect – Split EP

Common People Records / Contra Records / The Firm Records / Comandante Records / Battle Scarred Records

When ten people individually ask me for a list of my favorite, current-gen of American bands, I’ll undoubtedly spoon up both Vis Vires and Ultra Sect every single time. On paper the bands are fairly similar – both hail from California, the two bands were formed around the same time, its members are nür vets and both bands already left an incredible mark on the scene so far! Therefor it was only a matter of time before the two would team up for one thunderous split release – and you guessed it right, that time is now!

Now despite that both bands are cracking out releases since 2018, you could reckon Vis Vires is the most active of the two. Mainly because Los Angeles’ battering ram already released a sick LP – “The Fight Goes On” – earlier in 2020, on top of their already fantastic debut EP “The Wolves” (2018) and that killer split EP with Kaleko Urdangak in 2019. Slowing down isn’t in the band’s dictionary though, because with “Beware” and “Guillotine” the band – which features both ex and current members of The Templars, Bovver Wonderland and The Hardknocks – unleashes another round of sheer power, glorious melodies and a massive wall of sound! Brutal!

But hey, just because Ultra Sect didn’t release a full-length just yet – though I can tell you it’s very much anticipated(!) – that doesn’t mean they’re any less, far from it actually! Both EP’s released prior to this split 7” – “War Of The Roses” (2018) and “Final Conquest” (2019) – were already fairly brilliant, while these two new tracks – “Blood Laws” annd “Conquer & Divide” – are doubtlessly their best work to date! But did you expect anything else from lads who were, or still are, active in bands such as Suede Razors and Those Unknown? Exactly! So turn up the volume, drop the needle and crank out the Oi! once again with the mighty Ultra Sect!

The first press of this EP is limited to 800 copies and comes on either black (200 copies), sea blue (300 copies) or purple vinyl with black splatter (300 copies) and believe me, at least one of those 800 copies needs to come your way if you don’t have it (ordered) already! Killer anthems, killer artwork, killer EP!