Wartribe - In The City E.P.

Crowd Control Media


Featuring members of Monster Squad, Cropnox, Peligro Social and more, Wartribe’s announcement on joining the Crowd Control Media-familia was made well over a year ago already. So yeah, it took a while, but with the band’s first feat of arms finally rolling off the presses I can only conclude that it was definitely worth the wait!


Entitled “In The City”, Wartribe’s debut EP features four anthems that put in the boot! With its Oi!-ish influences, the band tears it up with their crude and raucous UK’82 power-punk, fans of Cinderblock, PMS84, RIXE, No Time, Criminal Damage and such will love! With the exception of the latter, all (mentioned) bands put out some killer releases more recently, and Wartribe’s “In The City” can easily be added to this list of powerhouses!


With three out of four songs operating in the mid-tempo range, Wartribe’s sound is dark, thunderous and has real ‘oomph!’ to it. “In The City”, “Dead Romantic” and “Guilty” (including a fancy little piano-intro) are all driven on this tribal war-beat, while the final stomper, “Lurking Shadows”, is a bit more up-tempo, bound to leave a trail of destruction!


I am really enthusiastic about this release, and if you are into the earlier mentioned bands or that classic No Future sound, so should you! Without a doubt one of the best releases of Crowd Control Media so far and I can’t wait for their full-length to drop! Killer bootpunk!