Working Poor USA - Working Poor

Streetrock Records


Still relatively new to the scene is Massachusetts streetrock outfit Working Poor USA. Despite being new, its band members carry along decades of experience with them from various punk, Oi! and hardcore bands such as Knuckle Duster, The Ill Fated, Crash Damage and Antibodies. Something you can definitely hear back in the Working Poor USA’s sound as they cannot be pinned down to one specific genre on their debut EP, “Working Poor”, for Streetrock Records.


Working Poor USA mixes various influences from Oi!, punk and hardcore music into the band’s heavily rock ‘n’ roll inspired sound. With the proud, street smart and working class ethics of Working Poor USA that fuse through the lyrics you could easily compare this streetrock ‘n’ roll outfit to similar sounding bands like Iron Chin and especially Antagonizers ATL. You could even profile Working Poor USA as a rawer sounding version of The Bruisers at the time from “Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’” and up.


The opening track, “Working Poor”, doesn’t really impress, but my interest goes up from the tracks “Headcase” and the anti-political anthem “Middle Ground” with the best two tracks, “Lion For A Day” and “The Stand” being on the flipside of this 7”. But there is more, because a sticker that has a download code on the back of it, contains not only the five tracks from the wax in digital format but two additional bonus tracks, “Freedom” and “Pill Junkie”, as well.


Although Working Poor USA’s debut isn’t quite ‘year list material’, the band delivers a raw and dirty American streetrock ‘n’ roll record that will surely attract some of you bar brawlers and hard workers out there!