Wrong Turn - Retaliation

Street Rock Music (cassette) / self-released (CD-R)


No Mess, no fuss, just 100% negative Transylvanian hardcore… boom! It can always get a bit tricky when a band tries to sell itself with a catchphrase like that, but in Wrong Turn’s case it definitely covers the deal! Proven by the band’s first (demo-)EP, “Retaliation”, the Romanian lads delivered a cassette that is absolutely bang on!


Influenced by bands such as Sheer Terror and 86 Mentality, Wrong Turn busts out five crude and violent stompers! Opener “Intro” rises to a climax of tension, while the remaining tracks are bound to create chaos and destruction. Mid-tempo stomp, fast-paced slam and raucous sing-alongs go hand in hand on this little Transylvanian gem, you will absolutely love if you’re into that Concealed Blade / No Time / No Parole kind of madness!


Mixing Oi! and punk into your hardcore foundation is, obviously, nothing new. But Wrong Turn does it with style, and more importantly with fuckin’ fury, making “Retaliation” a sick first effort! The cassette is limited to just 50 copies, so cop one before it’s too late!