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WHAT A YEAR HUH?! But it must be said, when it comes down to releases 2020 was fairly brilliant with a truckload of killer releases! Some you'll find back in the lists below - most obviously not, but that's just the way it is! So don't worry, I still like your band - I just liked these 50+ releases (be it spread over five different lists) better!

1. I am biased as fuck, deal with it.
2. I must own the release, only physical is real. Fuck MP3's.
3. If your band is in one list, it wont be in another - just start more bands.

4. Nür Oi! and a bit of punk and hardcore.

5. Exceptions are always possible, they're my own lists after all!


Ok, let's go!


01. Chips Ov Oi! – Boots, Leather, Scarves & Toques CASS (Tape Or Die)
With their latest album they made pogo even... greater! Love 'em!
02. Bent Out Of Shape – Demo 2020 CD (Frisian Music)
Killer new Oi! from the Lowlands - check these guys out!
03. Contempt – Murcia Skinhead CASS (Mendeku Diskak)
This might have been recorded several years ago, it wasn't released until this year! Two ripping tracks!
04. Intimidation – Demo 2020 CASS (Mister Face Records)
05. Skinsects – Es Regnet Hass
CASS (Subculture For Life)
06. Bullshit Detectör – Bullshit EP
CASS (Clockwork Punk/HoM Records)
07. Forca/The Sentinels – United As One
CASS (Skinhead-Core)
08. Cavalaria 77 – S/T
CASS (Fuck The Mainstream We Are The Mainstream Records)
09. Irmo – Demo 2019
7” (Mendeku Diskak)
10. The Unborn – The Last Man On Earth
CASS (Ratgirl Records)

SINGLES/EP’s (2 to 4 tracks, any format)

01. Kong Kong – Raw And Primitive (or The Evils Of Kong) 7” (Gorilla City Records)
Raw, primitive and... weird! There's always that brilliant new band every year - this year it's Kong Kong!
02. Squelette – Tentative D’Homicide 7” (Bigorna Records)
The music, the packaging - pure passion! An absolute must!
03. Force Majeure – Encore Debout 7” (Primator Crew/Double Turn Records)
After last year's split 12" the Canadians are at it again! A must!
04. Diamond Dogs – S/T 7” (Rebellion Records)
05. Horda – LXSH
7” (Combate Brutal)
06. Cuero – Cabezabota
12” (Mendeku Diskak)
07. Nö Class – Don’t You Worry About Us!
7” (Contra Records)
08. Faction-S – Noyau Dur
7” (Primator Crew)
09. Béton Armé – Au Bord Du Gouffre
7”/12” (Primator Crew/Oi! The Boat Records)
10. The Opposition – Vultures
7” (LSM Vinyl)

Still Defiant – Till The End
7” (Usque Ad Mortem)
Already added the LP/CD to the ‘COMPILATIONS/REISSUES/ALTERNATIVE PRESSINGS ‘ list, but obviously this EP is an absolute ripper as well! Short haired rockers rule OK!
Bent Out Of Shape – Who Laughs Last 7” (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)
I usually don’t list bands twice and since I listed B.O.O.S. in my list of demo’s I really shouldn’t – but for ‘Who Laughs Last’ I gladly make an exception – hah!

MINI-ALBUMS (5 to 8 tracks, any format)

01. Strike First – Wolves 12” (Rebellion Records)
Out of the ashes of DDC rose Strike First - sounding better than ever before!
02. Concrete Elite – Absolute Guard 12” (Rebellion Records/Oi! The Boat Records)
Did I ever made a yearlist without Concrete Elite? You guys must know by now that this is one of my favorites...
03. Off The Clock – For You 12” (Insurgence Records)
Mistakenly forgot these lads last year - making up for it this year with a well deserved third place!
04. The Reapers – Kill ‘Em All 12”/CD (Rebellion Records)
05. The Young Ones – Cream Of The Crop
12” (Contra Records/Longshot Music)
06. Paris Violence – Quand Les Berges Se Resserrent
12”/CD (Casse-Os Records)
07. Territories – When The Day Is Done
10” (Pirates Press Records)
08. Konspiration – Framtid
12” (Switchlight Records)
09. Strong Style X The Jimmy Jets – Treasure Hunt
CD (Beat Bandit Record/Hoodlum Party)
10. Martyr – Fists Of Iron
12” (Gates Of Hell Records)

Brutal Bravo/The Lads – Split
12” (Contra Records)
Missed this on last year’s list because it was released late 2019 and I didn’t hear it until early 2020, but brutal lads through and through!

FULL-LENGTHS (9+ tracks, any format)

01. Chubby & The Gang – Speed Kills LP (Static Shock Records/Partisan Records)
This. Is. So. Fucking. Brilliant.
02. Vis Vires – The Fight Goes On LP (Contra Records/Common People Records/The Firm Records/Commandante Records/Battle Scarred Records)
This. Is. So. Fucking. Brilliant. As. Well.
03. Lion’s Law – The Pain The Blood The Sword LP/CD (HFMN/Pirates Press Records/LSM Vinyl/Une Vie Pour Rien?/The Firm Records/Commandante Records)
Guess what? Fucking brilliant!
04. The Janitors – Backstreet Ditties LP/CD (Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl)
05. The Drowns – Under Tension
LP/CD (Pirates Press Records)
06. Ultra Razzia/Dead Hero – ALRDMM/Todo O Nada
LP (Primator Crew)
07. Stealers – Never Enough
LP (Rebellion Records/Stolen Recordings)
08. LVGER – Fvll Villain
LP (Contra Records/Longshot Music/BZRKR)
09. Mob Mentality – Dedication
LP (Laketown Records/Clockwork Punk)
10. The Clinch – Basecamp
LP/CASS/CD (Sunny Bastards/Clockwork Punk/Osu! Records)
The Chats – High Risk Behaviour
LP/CD/CASS (Bargain Bin Records)

Raucous pub and punk rock from Down Under – love it!

Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron LP/CD/CASS (No Remorse Records/Sword Worship)
Mirror mirror on the wall, who makes the most epic fuckin’ metal of ‘em all? Eternal Champion!

Ecostrike – A Truth We Still Believe LP (Triple B Records)
2020 was the best year to quit smoking, so I did – count me out!


01. Núcleo Duro – Noites De Terror LP (Combate Brutal)

Collects all four EP’s of the Portuguese giants on one LP – massive!
02. Still Defiant – S/T CD/LP (Rebellion Records)
Nearly all of Still Defiant’s recordings on one disc – Germany’s finest razor-sharp punk-rock!
03. Savage Beat – Trench Warfare (Full Session) 12” (Rebellion Records/Longshot Music)
2017’s favorite just got better with two bonus tracks, making the full session available on vinyl for the very first time! Savage!
04. Cuir – Single Demo LP/CASS (Offside Records/Forty Tapes)
One man synth punk army Cuir with both cassette releases on pink vinyl – hot!
05. V/A – Kaosa Euskal Herrian do.LP/CD (Tough Ain’t Enough Records)
Killer compilation with 25 bands/tracks from Basque Country – chaos indeed!
06. Tchernobyl – Demo 12” (Combate Brutal)
Tchernobyl’s 2019 demo got the Combate Brutal treatment and includes two bonus tracks – superb!
07. V/A – Oi! This Is Streetpunk 2002 do.10” (Pirates Press Records/LSM Vinyl)

International compilation with 20 bands/tracks on two 10” records, including a ton of unreleased tracks!
08. Smerch – Le Bataillon De Post Skins LP (Mangy Little Mut Records/Street Rock Music)
Released on cassette in 2019, out on vinyl in 2020 with two bonus-tracks! One of Russia’s finest!
09. V/A – Oi! 40 Years Untamed LP (Pirates Press Records)
Both old and new go hard on Gary Bushell’s latest compilation – the joy of Oi!
10. Fuerza Bruta – Verdugo CD (Rebellion Records)
Stacked collection with 20 tracks total on one CD – very bruta indeed!

The Bad Engrish – So Far, So BAD… do.CASS (Tape Or Die)

Don’t have this release just yet, but 55 tracks of pogo punk mayhem spread over two tapes? You just can’t go wrong there!
The Pride – Life After LP (Olifant Records)
After 20+ years finally available on vinyl again – nür hits!

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