Zanzara – Gli Occhi Dello Stato

Common People Records


A band out of London, UK that sings in Italian? Well, with over 270 nationalities living in Britain’s capital – pre-Brexit anyway – anything is possible, but it makes a unique selling point nonetheless! The band in question, Zanzara – who just released their first release ever, the “Gli Occhi Dello Stato” LP for Common People Records!


Now the cover artwork might have given it away already, but Zanzara is indeed the Italian word for a mosquito. But where mosquito’s are annoying little fuckers that bite and keep on zooming in your ear, Zanzara is anything but irritating, making the kind of noise you want to hear over and over and over again!


Delivering that raw, brickwall sound of the 80’s – Zanzara delivers a dozen of anthems that sound authentic, yet relevant – much alike French outfit Rixe. It’s no surprise then that the sound of these Italian Londoners is influenced by the likes of Nabat and early Klasse Kriminale (easy comparisons of course, because of the shared language), though you can easily spoon up a list of bands from the “Chaos En France”-era as well. Along with a healthy dose of nihilistic post-punk riffs, a deliberate lo-fi production and killer song structures, Zanzara delivers a fairly brilliant debut that keeps captivating over and over again – I love it!


Altough “Gli Occhi Dello Stato” has been online for a while already, this physical release still caught me by surprise – in a very positive way! Released on either black (200 copies) or oxblood vinyl (100 copies) (both complimenting the colors used for the sleeve and inlay), this record is an absolute must for those who like their sound raw and unpolished, yet – or maybe because of that – close to perfection! Highly recommended!