Núcleo Duro – Noites De Terror

Combate Brutal

With sheer brilliance I was properly introduced to Núcleo Duro back in 2018. That year the band released its fourth and most recent EP “Botas” through Forҫa Bruta Discos and the sheer power of it all blew me away! I instantly wanted to purchase their previous work as well, but since there were only around 100 copies pressed of each individual EP released so far I knew my pockets had to be deep... Luckily the news that all records would be combined and released on one LP reached me sooner than my first purchase and ever since that announcement (I am still talking 2018 here) I have been patiently waiting.

Until now that is! Because well over two years since head honcho Luís Rattus first told me about this compilation, it’s here and it’s massive! Entitled “Noites De Terror”, this LP – released by Combate Brutal, contains all four of Núcleo Duro’s previously released EP’s – namely “Sporting Hooligans” (2011), “Má Onda” (2013), “Ódio Eterno” (2016) and the aforementioned “Botas” (2018) on one big, heavy slab of wax! The result is a monstrous, sixteen song explosion of ultra-violence, mandatory for skins, hools and ultras worldwide!

Because whether you listen to early anthems such as “Sporting Hooligans”, “Noites De Terror”, “Ultra Violência” and “Má Onda”, or the more ‘recent’ tracks of the previously reviewed “Botas” EP (read here), you’ll hear a tremendous amount of quality either way. Brought with brute power and a fair share of originality, Núcleo Duro cranks out a vicious wall of sound that is big, heavy, violent and that will surely last forever! Needless to say that I am extremely stoked that this record came out and that I could finally hear the full discography of this mighty Portuguese band on one LP!

As mentioned above, the “Noites De Terror” was released by Combate Brutal – so you know it looks magnificent, but also that it’s – once again – a limited release. With 200 copies total it’s not as limited as the EP’s, but with two completely different front covers evenly divided into 100 copies of each, you know they’re gone before you know it! So if you can scoop one up, definitely do so – 100% must-have!