Still Defiant - S/T LP

Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl

One of my favorite new bands of last year is undoubtedly Germany's latest punk rock explosion Still Defiant! Their demo instantly tore American Oi!'s HQ up and their vile, yet catchy sound had me hooked from the get go! However, it's still quite possible you never heard of these guys before for the simple reason that you don't have a cassette deck, you couldn't get a hold on one of their ultra limited vinyl releases or you never heard of a thing called YouTube before - you decide.

All this is about to change though. Because where the band self-released the vinyl version of their demo and 2020's EP "Till The End" through their own label Usque Ad Mortem (and as mentioned earlier, in extremely limited quantities) - their latest, self-titled LP will be released in a co-production between Rebellion Records (Europe) and LSM Vinyl (North America), assumingly providing enough copies for everyone around with a run of 500 copies total.

With that being said, there's obviously still a difference between the European and American pressing - with LSM Vinyl's version being the most limited of the two, namely 150 copies total. Besides the fact that the pressing isn't evenly divided between the two continents, the colour of vinyl differs (LSM Vinyl's version is solid black, while Rebellion Records' version is clear with black splatter) and the colour of the sleeves vary as well. Luckily the music on both versions is the exact same, so for those who aren't die-hard collectors one copy will be enough.

Just make sure you get one though! Because to say that this release is fairly brilliant is an understatement - I fuckin' love it! Despite that I've heard a good portion of this release a ridicilous amount of times already, I still can't get enough of it - especially now that they've been remastered, coming at you with full force! Because yes, this LP compiles four tracks off the band's demo ("Mad And Mental", "Shame On You", "Your Day Will Come" and "Total Surviolence") and two tracks off their latest EP (title-track "Till The End" and "Go Your Way"), while combining it with two unreleased covers ("Fatigue" and "For You") and two killer new tracks, "Young Warrior" and "S.H.R. Rule Ok" - massive!

Short haired rockers rule OK, and Still Defiant rules indeed! Therefor it's definitely time for you to check these lads and lass out and get crazed by their mad and mental, razor sharp punk rock sound! Must-have!