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Previous yearlists

I usually do four or five lists, but this year it's "just" three. One for singles and EP's, one for mini-albums and one for full-length albums! Might do four or five lists again next year!

1. I am biased as fuck, deal with it.
2. I must own the release, only physical is real. Fuck MP3's.
3. If your band is in one list, it wont be in another - just start more bands.

4. No compilations, reissues or live albums!

5. Nür Oi!

6. Exceptions are always possible, they're my own lists after all!


Now let's go!


Singles & EP's

01. Conservative Military Image – Skinhead 7” (Lionheart Records)

One of the most hyped bands at the moment, but for good reasons! CMI lives up to every expectation and busts out one massive release after another! Most of it is available digitally already, but be on the lookout for much more CMI on Lionheart Records in 2023!

02. Lost Legion – Bridging Electricity 10” (Try And Stop Me Records/LSM Vinyl)

Glad to see Lost Legion is active again, because there’s more coming in 2023! This is a killer 10” and “Tonite” is one of my favorite songs of 2022 – massive!

03. Hammer And The Nails S/T 7” (Lionheart Records)

Consistently one of the best bands with the best releases around and 2022 is no exception! Brilliant as always!

04. Vis Vires/Lvger – Split 7” (Contra Records/Mister Face Records/The Firm Records)

05. Facção Opposta – Luta Eterna 7” (Contra Records/The Firm Records/Tough Ain’t Enough/Battle Scarred Records)

06. Mess/The Chisel – S/T 7” (Mendeku Diskak/Beach Impediment Records)

07. Electric Frankenstein/Savage Beat – Split EP 7” (Crossbar Records)

08. Tyrant – S/T 7” (Rebellion Records)

09. Coeur Vaillant – S/T maxi-12” (Nouvelle Aube Production)

10. Tchernobyl/Force Majeure – Split 7” (Primator Crew/Double Turn Records)



01. Diamond Dogs – Eye Of The Storm CD/12” (Rebellion Records)
Hard scorching debut 12” after an already killer EP in 2020! The title-track is off the wall and I really hope that this is just the beginning!

02. Live By The Sword – The Glorious Dead CD/12” (Rebellion Records)
In advance of their upcoming album “Cernunnos” (which is going to be massive!), Live By The Sword released “The Glorious Dead” for a taste of things to come and it’s brilliant as always!

03. Ultra Sect – Echoes From The Past 12” (Contra Records/Turn Up The Oi! Records/LSM Vinyl)

After two EP’s and a split Ultra Sect’s first mini-album is a fact and it’s superb! A must-have that is already on a second press!

04. Slugger – S/T 10” (Try And Stop Me Records/LSM Vinyl)

05. Gaz Moutarde – Dans Les Boyaux 12” (Under Watchful Eyes)

06. Suede Razors – No Mess, No Fuss, Just Rock ‘n’ Roll CD/12” (Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl)
07. Final Call – S/T 12” (LSM Vinyl)

08. Contusion – S/T 12” (Primator Crew/Shoom Records)

09. Sordid Ship – Vague Digitale 12” (Primator Crew/KVLR Records/Bourre Pif Records/Lucha Libre Discos/Crapoulet Records)

10. Utopie – Seconde Figure 12” (Lada/Symphony Of Destruction/Dans Le Vide/Don’t Trust The Hype/Les Choeurs De L’Ennui)


Full-length Albums

01. Sledgehammer – Samurai CD (Diwphalanx Records)

The grandmasters of SSS are back! This year only on CD through Japanese label Diwphalanx Records, but watch out for a vinyl release in 2023 through Under Watchful Eyes! “風は静寂に” is one of my favorite tracks of 2022!

02. Horda – Tolerância Zero LP (Combate Brutal)

After a killer single in 2020, Portugal’s latest outfit Horda strikes back with an earth-shattering debut LP that both looks and sounds superb! And the best part is? The band is about to release another single very, very soon!

03. Complete Loss – S/T LP (Contra Records)

It only took the band five years after their demo, but Complete Loss delivered a fantastic debut LP that definitely tastes like more! Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another five years for that one!

04. StrikeFirst – War CD/LP (Rebellion Records)

05. Shaved For Battle – Until We Die LP (Under Watchful Eyes)

06. Hard Wax – Don’t Stop The Beat CD/LP (Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl)
07. Loose Cannon – S/T LP (Lionheart Records)

08. Dying breed – The Last Of A Kind LP (La Nostra Força)

09. The Prowlers – Prowl Around LP (Contra Records/LSM Vinyl/Insurgence Records/Skinhead Revolt Records)

10. Bent Out Of Shape – Old Rats On A New Ship CD/LP (Demons Run Amok Entertainment/Audio Epidemic Records)

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